Personal Branding & Web Development to Meet Your Needs

Become "The Go To Business" for What You Do!

You can either be an "I'm here too" business in the search engine results

Or You Can Stand Out From the Crowd and Get More Click Through's 

  • Mentoring & Training

    Specialists in working with small and medium businesses to help them Grow.  It’s our job to be an Advocate and Educator for Your Business Success, working with you on Strategy and Implementation Techniques.   First you have to be where people are looking, but then it’s a case of getting them to chose you over all the others, and that is the clever bit!

  • Hosting / Design & Deployment

    Our secure hosting gives stability to your web presence and add to that the different ways we help you deploy your Corporate Message to your customers using technologies and Marketing techniques.   Websites / Mobile Sites / Apps plus Video, Publishing and Establishing Authority

  • Local & Internet Marketing

    The Web has almost turned the world into a Global Village but many businesses look to further their sales locally which actually matches Google’s finding that Searches are mostly looking for Local Suppliers.  So, we have to appeal to the Local Markets as well as widening our horizons, and to do that we need to tools and techniques.

  • Become an Authority

    Customers want to deal with people who know what they are about, be that selling products or providing services.  Think about yourself when you look for goods or services, you want the best at a good price, right?   Well your customers feel the same, and we are sure you tell them how good you are.  The trouble is that when this message comes from yourself it’s accepted that you believe you are the best; but it really makes a difference when that message comes from others.

    But how do you achieve that?    If you don’t know then you need to speak to us….

  • Social Media

    Working with Social Media can be very time consuming if you don’t have a strategy and methodology.   Do you  engage with them all?  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest and others, or do you focus or key areas and outlets?  Well it all depends on what your strategy is for what you sell or do.

    One thing is sure, you need to know what you want before you try to get it.

    That’s where we come in…

  • Interviews & Street Cred

    When were you last interviewed by by someone who could do something to promote your business?

    What did you get out of  it?

    If you have been interviewed in the past – Did it help?

    You would not believe what we can create for marketing you and your business from a simple 20 to 30 minute interview and that is without building in selling pitches in the Interview.    We don’t interview you to sell your wares, we interview you to build credibility and then we use it in ways that achieve this.

    Want to know more – Then give us a call….

We are looking for business owners to interview!

We are currently putting an eBook together and are looking for business owners to interview.  Interviewees can be anywhere in the UK or USA and interviews are free!   Do you think you fit the bill to be in one of our books - if you would like to know more please give us a call to see if you qualify.  You don't have to be the head of a big firm we want owner managers of small and medium sized businesses.

Call to have a chat on 015395 31338.

Here are just some of the Benefits gained by working with us!

  • State of the Art Hosting / Design & Marketing

    All the latest skills and technologies employed to make your business better.  We get you known and found – using the latest marketing techniques.

  • Become Recognised for Your Skills and Qualities

    How much do you think being a Best Selling Author would help your business?   Well that is just the start, from there we can position you and your business as “The Go To Guy” for whatever it is you do.

  • Add Videos and Photos to your websites as easy as pie

    All the latest techniques can be used in your sites from SEO to Video and Pod Casts.  Imagine an easy to use one to one conversation with customers for support or training and order taking.  Could that help you?

  • List building and Marketing

    Using Auto Responders and Marketing techniques soon become part of the norm for a growing business, we can help you do it or do it for you.  You choose…